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JAC Publishing & Promotions (JAC) began publishing over 25 years ago.  In 1995, we dedicated our efforts almost entirely toward publishing New England Entertainment Digest (NEED), an arts & entertainment monthly covering the arts in New England and New York.  With NEED now an online resource and no longer a print publication, JAC ventured into another area where it can support the arts - publishing scripts and arts-related books!

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Adamant Eve by Matt Bessette
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Sons of Bennett by Lon E. Rogers
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In anticipation of the 15th Anniversary of 9/11... Consider These One-Act Plays

Bystander 9/11 by Meron LangsnerThe Fortification of Miss Grace WrenThe Fortification of Miss Grace Wren by playwright Robin Rice

Late September, 2001. A small churchyard, East Village, Manhattan. An elementary school teacher can't cope with the present. She wants to escape into the past. Thanks to an historical figure who stands astride the 17th and 21st Centuries, she finds the strength and desire to continue her life.
1 man / 1 woman

Bystander 9/11 by playwright Meron Langsner

A documentary drama drawn from the experiences of New Yorkers during the September 11th attacks and their immediate aftermath. The story begins in the subways underneath the towers and continues in a changed world.
3+ Actors

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